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6 x 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays) Brass Buttons KC

These are 18mm

Code: 61461

5.00 GBP

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5 x Rifles Black Plastic Buttons

These are 18mm with fixed shanks

Code: 61460

2.00 GBP

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23 x Assorted Notts & Derby Staybrite Buttons

These are a mix of worn and unworn:
11 x 24mm
11 x 18mm
1 x 14mm

Code: 60730

3.00 GBP

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8 x Royal Navy Gilt Buttons, 27mm, KC

These are a fouled anchor surmounted by a KC. A lined background with a plain edge, brass back with fixed shank and securing stays, made by Baker & Co Ltd, London. More info: Buttons: A Guide for Collectors’ by Gwen Squire 1972 (No. 10, Plate 84).

Code: 60727

10.00 GBP

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Large Lot of Bedfordshire Police White Metal Buttons

These are in excellent condition and are as follows:
56 x 25mm
9 x 18mm

Code: 60182

10.00 GBP

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WWI 3 x London Scottish Buttons

These are in excellent condition and are as follows:
Brass, 25mm, fixed shank
Brass, 24mm, fixed shank
White Metal, 18mm, fixed shank

Code: 60135

8.00 GBP

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Dealers Lot 20 x Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Staybrite Buttons 1949-1953 KC

These are in excellent condition and the lot comprises:
10 x 25mm
10 x 18mm
Selling elsewhere at £5.00 each for 25mm, and £2.00 each for 18mm (so a total of £70.00 for this lot)
Stock photo

Code: 60116

40.00 GBP

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75 x Bedfordshire Fire Service Buttons

These are in good condition and the lot comprises:
65 x 24mm
10 x 18mm
Chromed buttons with fixed shanks.

Code: 59022

5.00 GBP

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Small Lot of 15 x Denim & Other Buttons

These are in a folded brown paper bag and the lot comprises:
5 x Bakelite, brown
1 x ivory colored
3 x staybrite LI 18mm
1 x brass GS KC 25mm
1 x brass GS KC 18mm
1 x brass GS KC 14mm
2 x black resin RAF KC 18mm
1 x black resin RGJ KC 17mm

Code: 57904

3.00 GBP

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12 x Bright Gilt French Livery Buttons 26mm

These are unworn and still carded with wrapping paper. The buttons are gilt, concave with steel backs, fixed shanks and are by P Jouin, Paris.
The motif is as follows:
Central open book sitting on a torse
Griffon's either side
Coronet above
Decoration below the torse
These are old, carded buttons. Had more of these but sold individually over the past 8 years at military, collectors and antiques fairs for an average of £15.00 each so there is over £160.00 here if sold individually, worth a bit of work!!
Also 1 x 18mm

Code: 57891

60.00 GBP

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