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NK Brass Button 'A Cruce Salus'

This is in excellent condition, 25mm, concave, fixed shank.

Code: 57796

2.00 GBP

Shortlist item
2 x Wiltshire Yeomanry White Metal Buttons KC

These are in excellent condition, concave, brass back, fixed shank. There is one 24mm and one 17mm.

Code: 57795

5.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Yorkshire Hussars Silver Plated Button

This is in excellent condition 24mm, concave, fixed shank by Gaunt.

Code: 57788


10 x Assorted Buttons, QVC, KC etc

This lot are as follows:
Victorian Gilt, 25mm, fixed shank
Fife & Forfar Independant Yeomanry, 23mm, fixed shank
Lothians & Border, 23mm, fixed shank
KRRC, 24mm, black resin, fixed shank
NK 6th Lancers, 18mm, fixed shank Indian?
21st Lancers, 21mm, fixed shank
BY, KC, 25mm, fixed shank
Earl of Chesters blazer button, 13mm
PCC blazer button, 12mm
1st Grenadier Regiment, gilt, 24mm, fixed shank, Indian

Code: 57789


8 x RGH (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Buttons

These are all with fixed shanks and are concave, they are as follows:
1 x 25mm staybrite
3 x 25mm brass
4 x 18mm brass

Code: 57787


45 x Assorted Buttons

As follows:
2 x Grenadier Guards Blazer QC
1 x Welsh Guards, staybrite, 25mm, KC, worn
2 x RASC QC, blazer 25mm
6 x RASC QC, blazer 17mm
1 x RAChD 25mm brass
1 x RE blazer 25mm QC
1 x RA blazer 25mm QC
2 x cavalry, blazer, 25mm, QC
2 x Scottish WM diamond
1 x Trinity House Pilot
1 x KOYLI, KC, 18mm
25 others assorted 23,24 25mm etc

Code: 57782


Good Run of 79 x British Military Brass & Bakelite Buttons

This is a good, almost complete run (East Yorkshire Reiment missing) of 25mm Regimental Buttons. Where appropriate buttons have KC (Green Howards may be Victorian).
Excellent, ready made (almost!) collection of buttons. Good for a collector or can be broken down by a dealer and sold individually.
With my MS, my hand no longer works very well or I would have broken this lot down as there area few nice ones among the lot.
Just reducing stock now!
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_Army_regiments_(1881)

Code: 57735


11 x The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Brass Buttons KC

This lot comprises:
5 x 25mm
6 x 18mm
There is a mix of well polished and excellent condition, some fixed shanks, some floating shanks, various manufacturers.

Code: 57728


8 x Royal Scots Buttons OR's & Pipers

This lot comprises:
1 x White Metal, 25mm, fixed shank
4 x Brass (OR's), 25mm, fixed shanks
3 x Brass (OR's), 18mm, fixed shanks

Code: 57680


Victorian Scots Guards Pewter Button

This is in very good condition and is a fixed shank button with a white metal back with a split pin It is a Scots Guards badge with a QVC and the word 'EDINBURGH' beneath.

Code: 57679


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