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Scottish Pipers Cross Belt with some furniture

This is a heavy gauge plastic with a cast white metal buckle, keeper and point.

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Victorian 5th (Perthshire Highland) Volunteer Battalion Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Pipers Plaid Brooch post 1887

This is a white metal, die cast, centrally placed rampant lion on a torse in a circle with the motto 'Dia Agus Ar Duthaich' (God and Our Country) edged with a wreath of thistles and a stout pin to the rear.

Code: 57430

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Canadian Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Pipers Plaid Brooch

This is a cast example with a stout pin. Appears to be extremely dirty but may be low grade cast silver not marked or tested, or possibly pewter? It is a thistle wreath surrounding a split circlet with battle honours 'South Africa 1899-1900' and 'Normandy Landing' it has a 38th CEF cap badge with KC in the centre.

Code: 56881


Black Watch White Metal Sporran Badge 3

This is in excellent condition and has a single, brass, tombstone shaped lug with a hole, bent down. It is 43 x 30 mm

Code: 56642

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Highland Cyclist Battalion T.F. (Territorial Force) White Metal Sporran Badge KC

This is in excellent condition with 2 lugs and is 46 x 57mm.

Code: 55785

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Victorian Royal Scots Pipers Belt Buckle (M23)

This is in beautiful condition with a central plate to the rear with a central Royal Scots badge held on with 2 screw posts, one of which has the hexagonal nut missing. The plate has a belt hook and is stamped with the mark: J G Lawrie, Glasgow, ...ing, London. The cast foliate plate has Thistles on it and a loop.

Code: 55148