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Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Officers Shoulder Belt Badge QC

This is in excellent condition and is a padded, bullion badge with a material backing with cardboard. A long screw post with brass nut is affixed to the rear.

Code: 60086


Victorian Light Infantry Silver Plated Pouch Badge

This is a left facing bugle with 2 lugs.

Code: 59906

75.00 GBP

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Vintage British Musicians Gilt Pouch Badge

This is die stamped in excellent condition with a screw post and brass nut. There are 2 locating spikes and makers tablet which reads 'Made in England'

Code: 59782

18.00 GBP

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Victorian Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) Bi-Metal Pouch Badge

This is in excellent condition and is a brass bugle horn with a white metal rose in the centre. It has a single long lug.

Code: 59699

65.00 GBP

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1st Bn Cameronians Scottish Rifles White Metal Piper's Glengarry Badge

This is in sound condition with 3 loops to the reverse. It is quite badly corroded.

Code: 59392

25.00 GBP

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VB Cameronians Scottish Rifles Officer's Pouch Belt Badge KC

VB - Volunteer Battalion
This is in sound condition but most of the silver plate is seriously rubbed exposing the base metal which is showing signs of corrosion. It would benefit from either re-plating or chroming. Priced accordingly due to the work required by the buyer!

Code: 59391

35.00 GBP

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Royal Artillery Frosted Pouch Badge KC

This is in excellent condition with 3 screw posts with washers and square nuts.

Code: 58491

25.00 GBP

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Victorian Second Middlesex Artillery White Metal Pouch Badge

This is in excellent condition, die stamped with 4 lugs.

Code: 58459

280.00 GBP

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Worcestershire Regiment Brass Belt Badge

This is in excellent condition with belt loops at the rear.

Code: 58190

15.00 GBP

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Victorian Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers Staff Sergeant's Pouch Badges circa 1891

This is in excellent condition, is a cast, bronze pear tree on a titled torse with 4 screw posts.

Code: 58036

210.00 GBP

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