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Vintage Dress Cross Belt with Rifle Brigade Badges and Whistle with Chain

This is a heavy gauge, black plastic belt with a large white metal Rifle Brigade badge, whistle with chain and lion's head. There is a pouch with a Rifle Brigade bugle attached which is leather covered metal with a heavy gauge plastic cover. A good mish-mash of items. All metal items are in white metal. (Oh why wasn't it leather and silver!!!!!)

Code: 57654


Royal Artillery Related Sash

This is a blue, drill sash which has been covered in purple silk a length of which has been cut away. It is edged in gold brocade and a wavy red line both sides. Affixed to the sash are badges as follows:
A staybrite sash/pouch adornment with separate QC.
Embroidered shoulder title.
Tarnished bullion blazer badge KC on red felt.
Lancashire related embroidered badge
I was originally going to remove all items and sell them separately but decided to sell the whole item!

Code: 57816

15.00 GBP

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Staff Cast Burnished Brass Pouch Badge KC

This is in what appears to be burnished brass and is crudely cast with 5 fixing blades to the rear. The unicorns horn is bent but would straighten with some gentle coaxing!

Code: 57727

20.00 GBP

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Vintage Scottish Pipers Belt with Assorted White Metal Furniture

This is a heavy gauge, wide plastic belt with a buckle, bar and tip. All have thistles hence 'Scottish'. Not a complete pipers dress rig and the belt is a little grubby.

Code: 57655

50.00 GBP

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Victorian Royal Artillery Brass Sabretache Badge

This is in excellent condition, is die struck with a double wheel and 9 screw posts (no nuts).

Code: 57605

65.00 GBP

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Victorian Royal Artillery Gilt Pouch Badge

This is in excellent condition with double wheel and 3 screw posts with hexagonal nuts.

Code: 57604


2 x Chromed, Pipers Belt Buckles

These are in good condition as follows:
Large, domed plate with 2 holes loop, and corroded hook. It has 'CN.1454' stamped on the inside. Numerous scratches around the holes.
Large, domed plate with loop and hook.
Both plates are 95 x 79mm and the loops are suitable for a 65mm wide belt.

Code: 57581


Scottish Cast, Plated White Metal Pipers Waist Belt Clasp

This is a cast belt plate, vacant cartouche with loop and hook. Suitable for a 65 mm (2.5 inch) wide belt. Some of the plating missing.

Code: 57570

18.00 GBP

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Royal Artillery Officer's Brass Pouch Belt Tip Badge

This is in brass and has 4 pointed blades to the rear.

Code: 57306


Royal Artillery Officer's Pouch Belt Tip Badge

This appears to be in 2 different coloured metals, indeed the badge appears separate from the wreath, soldered. The flaming grenade appears gilt but some of the gilt has leached and it looks like white metal beneath, particularly on the rear. The floral wreath is in what appears to be silver or silver plate and is cast. There are 4 solid loops to the rear

Code: 57264

25.00 GBP

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