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2 x Dog Tags

This lot is as follows:
Metal tag to F.A.D. Goodchild, 5890613, C.O.E.
Brown resin disc with above details.

Code: 60170


The King's Badge (For Loyal Service) White Metal Buttonhole Badge

This is in excellent condition with buttonhole fixing to the rear.

Code: 60169


Royal Life Saving Society Award of Merit Embroidered Breast Badge

This is in worn but very good condition.

Code: 60098

4.00 GBP

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Cameronians Silver Sweetheart Brooch

This is in excellent condition and is complete with pin backing. It is marked on the rear 'STG SIL' and is 48 x 43mm.

Code: 55762

35.00 GBP

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WWII/Post War Housewife (Empty) 809374

This is a grubby, canvas outer with a piece of brown ticking material and 2 ties. It has the number 809374 printed on .

Code: 59691

10.00 GBP

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2 x British Legion Lapel Badges

These are in very good condition as follows:
Large size, enamelled brass by Harris Ltd Glasgow buttonhole fixing
Small size, enamelled brass with brooch fitting

Code: 59548

5.00 GBP

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WWII ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Whistle and Lanyard

This is a working whistle by:
J Hudson & Co
Barr St
Some of the white metal is rubbed exposing the brass.
It has a weathered double strand lanyard in red and grey. (These are the colours of QARANC (Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps) so may have been used by a nurse in a hospital? or a male ARP person who had a hospital in his 'patch' and used a QARANC lanyard (or was given one) no provenance just pure conjecture!)
Nice item all the same even if a little weather beaten.

Code: 59252

25.00 GBP

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WWII River Patrol Home Guard Embroidered Formation Sign

Rare original Second World War era believed Cornish / Cornwall LDV / Home Guard issue ' River Patrol ' uniform patch. This is in heavy embroidery on blue twill with yellow 'RP' and white boat emblem on stylised blue waves with a black material backing. Has a fold from storage.

Code: 58836

95.00 GBP

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Luss Detachment 1st Dumbarton Home Guard Printed Formation Sign

This is unworn and is a printed cloth formation sign. The village of Luss is on the Western side of Loch Lomond. Family arms of local landowners the Colquhouns
The following is a missive from: Col NA Archibald MBE | Commandant | Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Battalion ACF
I followed the ACF route as this and others were purchased as a load of ACF badges!
Very interesting to see the badge which would have been worn as a Tactical Recognition Flash on the upper sleeve. Appropriately for a unit based in Luss, it is the emblem and motto of the Colquhouns of Luss. "Si je puis", 'If I can'. See following link:

Sir Iain Colquhoun was quite a soldier as you can read in the link below. In the 1930s he would head out into the Luss Hills with a rifle, dressed only in his kilt. No shoes! or shirt! A real Highlander. Perhaps this behaviour was symptomatic of his service in WW1.

The area of the Luss Hills was the favourite hunting ground of Robert the Bruce. So much so that at the Battle of Bannockburn he invoked "The blessed St Kessog (of Luss)", the patron saint of Scotland at that time.

Code: 58649

110.00 GBP

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Royal British Legion Enamelled Pin Badges QC

This is in excellent condition and is enamelled, bi-metal with a pin backing. This is a small version.

Code: 58540

3.00 GBP

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