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Vintage Housewife

This is in excellent condition and is a length of black drill material with a grey central loop and end pouch. A piece of material is at one end for needles. A selection of threaded needles, cotton and darning wool is included as is a pack of needles. A pencil is also included with stamped details (KC).

Code: 57840


Vintage Canvas Wash Roll

This is in white canvas with a series of loops and an open pouch at one end. It has the name W? Stokes in pen at one end.

Code: 57834


RAOC (Royal Army Ordnance Corps) Hand Embroidered Badge AE (Ammunition Examiner) Badge KC

This is a beautifully embroidered badge with the addition of an 'AE' in a wreath above. The badge is a pre 1949 example and this was probably embroidered just post war. It is in silk on a linen background. The whole is approx 36 x 42 cm. Plenty of border to allow it to be framed.

Code: 57833

45.00 GBP

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Civil Defence Corps Warden Printed Shoulder Title

This is unworn and is yellow on blue.

Code: 57743

4.00 GBP

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WWI 2 x Short Lengths of Victory Medal Ribbon

This is faded and has a hole in one end. This is 40cm long, a second piece is 26cm long.

Code: 57711


Fireman's Dress Scales pre 1930

These are in good condition and are 13 graduated white metal scales with a white metal button at the tip to attach to the epaulette. They have leather backing with laces and brass blades.

If the button is as shown it is a standard fireman's button, but as these are on dress scales I am assuming these would have been worn on prestigious occasions (or possibly they are an officers?). This style of button was used from the late 1800s right up until the 1930s. They would have been used in any part of the UK. Many makers made the same or a very similar design, including both Gaunt and Firmin who were button makers from London.
On a tunic you would have had 12 large buttons, about 25mm, (1") in two rows down the front, with two smaller ones on the epaulettes on the shoulder then two more small buttons in the small of the back of the tunic, and another two small on the breast pockets.
As these are 'dress' scales I am assuming that a 'dress' uniform would be worn but the button layout would be the same.

Code: 57651

25.00 GBP

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WW2 NFS Embroidered Tunic/Coveralls Badge (NFS 24)

This is in worn but excellent condition and is an embroidered red on black example of the tunic/coverall badge worn by firemen from Birmingham. The monogram NFS above the number '24' on a black circular felt with a black linen backing.
NFS - National Fire Service
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Fire_Service

Code: 57644

28.00 GBP

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Royal Ordnance Factory Leeds Embroidered Coveralls Badge QC

This is in excellent but slightly grubby condition. It is the words in yellow above and below a frontal view of a Chieftain tank. It is on blue drill with a red merrowed edge and surmounted by a crown. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROF_Leeds

Code: 57461


First Field Dressing (FFD) Small dated 1939

This is unused, still sealed with sealed with attached safety pin. It is by Vernon & Co Ltd, Preston and is dated May 1939.

Code: 57376

5.00 GBP

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.303in LMG (Light Machine Gun)/ BREN Gun Double Pull Through plus 4 x 2

This is a used item with double loops and brass weight. It has a significant amount of oil soaking the rope which appears to have preserved it plus a small length of 4 x 2 material.

Code: 57375

10.00 GBP

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