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Vintage Army Air Corps (AAC) No 1 Dress Pilots Wings, QC

These are in worn but excellent condition with silk embroidered wings and slightly tarnished bullion crown and lion, the whole is padded with a heavy waxed linen backing.

Code: 50363


Army Air Corps (AAC) Embroidered Pilots Wings QC

These are unworn and are padded multi coloured crown, lion and wings on black felt with a black material backing. They are 99mm wide.

Code: 56202

8.00 GBP

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6 x Army Air Corps (AAC) Embroidered Trade Badges (T3)

These are all unworn except the Observer which is in worn but excellent condition. The pilot, gunner and observer are all padded. There is a facing pair of Eagles and a blue on blue formation sign.

Code: 54966

22.00 GBP

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Army Air Corps (AAC) Staybrite Cap Badge QC

This is in excellent condition complete with slider.

Code: 53755

5.00 GBP

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Army Air Corps (AAC) Staybrite (Anodised Aluminium Cap Badge QC

This is unworn and is complete with slider and is by H W Timinee Ltd, B'Ham.

Code: 53352

10.00 GBP

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WO1 (RSM) AAC (Army Air Corps), QC, 1978 Pattern

This is in unworn condition and is bullion on Pale Blue with a waxed linen backing. Stock No: 8455-99-132-6711. Pattern No: 22314

Code: 52244

18.00 GBP

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Army Air Corps (AAC) White Metal Cap Badge, KC, 1942-1949

This is in excellent condition, is die stamped with 2 lugs.

Code: 51581

32.00 GBP

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