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Anchorage Alaska Bomb Squad Embroidered Patch

This is multi coloured with a merrowed edge and plasticised back, it is 103mm diameter

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WWII Home Guard Bomb Disposal Printed Formation Sign 1943-44

This is in excellent condition and is crossed bombs in yellow, printed on a red canvas disc.
See “In the space of a single day” Insignia and Uniforms of the LDV and Home Guard by Mills & Carney. No. 203.

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RAOC Brown Leather Match Book

This is a gold coloured embossed/stamped KC cap badge with brown press stud and 12 out of 16 wooden matches (Unsure if they still work?)

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Very Large Embroidered Union Flag

This is unworn and is embroidered red and blue on heavy white linen with a very close weave hessian backing. It is 130 x 87 mm. A useful item to decorate a jacket! Was part of a collection of a former ATO. Items collected in dealings with personnel. Most of the collection has now been disposed of, just a few items left.

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B.D.S. (Bomb Disposal Service) Emroidered Shoulder Tab (C26)

This is unworn and is red embroidery on khaki with a waxed linen backing and linen tape loop.
It is un-official and has some information in British Army Proficiency Badges by Edwards & Langley page 124 item 185 and page 80 item 86.
Item 185 shows one variant but this is a period piece which may have been a version that was produced but never worn officially as there were a plethora of badges available at that time.

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