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9 x Olive Green Army Collars, Van Heusen/Shape 'F' Wartime/Post War

These are in well worn but very good condition. They are by Van Heusen or 'Old England shape F. They are cotton collars with button holes at each end and a central button hole at the rear and are Made in England and woven from Egyptian Cotton. Suitable to finish an ensemble for a Wartime Weekend, Dance etc. They are sizes 14 1/2, 15 and 15 1/2 inches
Some are style No 11 H/K
You will need a pair of collar studs to attach these to your shirt
Some Made in England by Tilton & Hartley, the largest stamped 'For Service Wear Only'

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WW2 QARANC Lanyard

This is unworn and is in grey and scarlet.
QARANC - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
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Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Stable Belt

This is worn but still in serviceable condition with leather buckles. It can extend to approx. 34in, it is currently approx. 30in.

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Brass Guards Chinstrap

This is in very good condition and is a series of brass circles.

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WW1 Film Prop Overseas Cap 58cm

This is unworn with a brown silk ribbon/braid liner.

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Pair of Khaki Post War Gaiters Size 2 1953

These are in worn condition with brass buckles and leather straps. They are khaki canvas with a drill half liner with leather strengtheners, some of the stitching is missing and there are some cracks and wear to the gaiters. They are by S.O.Co dated 1953.

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