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WW2 B.E.F. (British Expeditionary Force) Embroidered Slip-on Shoulder Title (C19)

This is in excellent condition and is very dark brown letters with a border on khaki with a drill backing and drill tape loop. Ex Brian L Davis collection.

Code: 55522

10.00 GBP


Royal Marines Light Infantry (RMLI) Brass Cap Badge (T1)

This is in excellent condition with 2 lugs.

Code: 54868

10.00 GBP


Army Remount Service Bi-Metal Cap Badge GVR Cypher

This is die struck in excellent condition and is complete with slider which has a crease just below the elbow. A white metal rampant horse within a brass belt with 'Army Remount Service' surmounted by a GVR cypher and King's Crown.
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Remount_Service

Code: 54103

42.00 GBP


WW2 Royal Navy Wireless Telegraphist/Wireless Instructor Embroidered Arm Badge

This is unworn and is in red heavy embroidery picked out in black on black with a trimmed waxed linen backing. Wireless Telegraphist 1st Class: 1934-1948.
Wireless Instructor: 1948-1951

Code: 53328

15.00 GBP